Executive Pastry Chef Megan Brent Takes NYC by Storm

Last week, Executive Pastry Chef of White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails Megan Brent traveled to NYC to showcase her skills and abilities at the James Beard House Dinner with fellow Georgia Grown award-winning chefs. Upon arrival, the group of anxious chefs explored Chelsea Market's Eataly, where they experienced fresh local produce like never before. X XXXXXXXXXXIMG_5347 (1)   IMG_5346 (1) In the evening, Meg's group had the opportunity to dine at Emilio's Ballato. This old-world Italian dining experience was one Meg won't soon forget, "The charm of this little hole in the wall was unreal. I had to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room. Oh, and did I mention the bathroom? It was covered in old newspaper clippings from the 70's. It was AWESOME." XXXXXXXXXXXIMG_5357 (1)   IMG_5354 (1) The next morning, they traveled to the James Beard House, where the real journey began. "The house has had very little renovations since the passing of James Beard, which is exactly intended. The nine or so of us were in their kitchen, helping each other out--it was a great fellowship to be apart of. I was the youngest one there, and being exposed to many well-established chefs who could respect me regardless of my age was completely uplifting and encouraging." XXXXXXXXXXXIMG_5360 (1) IMG_5376 (1) The service began at 6:00 pm, and by 6:30 the first appetizers were going out. At 7:00 pm, the first course was served and seven more followed and ended with Meg's "Sweet Corn and Blueberries." Meg and the other chefs adjourned to the Board Room to take photographs, discuss dishes, and prepare themselves to be introduced to the main dining room. IMG_5398 (1) The night ended at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie, where Chef Meg and company raised their glasses to a successful evening--a sweet end to an incredible weekend.