The Atlantan

Wendell Brock of The Atlantan describes his experience at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails: "Envision a bright, soaring Downtown space where the bourbon is plentiful; the light is gorgeous; and the business-lunch crowd is chowing down on steak frites, burgers and croque-monsieurs. Now picture that space in the evanescence of a dissolving day. Dinner is served at a leisurely pace, with all kinds of comforting Southern nibbles to get you going (pimento cheese, deviled eggs, cornmeal-crisped oysters). At this hour, the lunchtime power brokers have returned with dates in tow and tickets for Philips Arena or The Fox Theatre tucked in their breast pockets. Under a pair of colossal chandeliers—made out of wood from the Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg, Tenn.—patrons are drooling over decadent plates of short rib and smoked lamb. The evening has "special occasion" written all over it." Read the full article here.